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Hello I'm Heather Hausman, also known as H2! As a child I was diagnosed with many food and airborne allergies. This put me in tune at an early age with the thought of what I put in and on my body effects how my body works and reacts. From noticeable inflammation to chronic asthma, the side effects of ingesting the wrong food were apparent quickly. I've known from a young age, 8 to be specific that I wanted to help people feel better. It took me a few years before I found my passion. As a personal trainer I help clients daily to reach fitness goals; as a yogi I teach balance between our body, mind and spirit; throw in a variety of group classes; self myofascial release techniques and finish it off with nutritional coaching. This combination of knowledge has helped me to understand that our bodies are our temple, the right foods heal us, exercise powers us and self care is an absolute must. I adore meeting new people, learning new things and sharing life with others!

I'm not going to bore you with the details of all the amazing stuff I can show you that will transform your daily life. Contact me through the contact link and we can talk for hours about fitness stuff.  I really geek out about it!