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This is a great article by Trainer Riccardo Specchierla which explains why heart rate monitors are such a great tool!
Rate Zones to Know
Knowing your heart-rate training zones and monitoring your heart rate will make your cardio workouts more effective. Just as your strength training should vary from muscle endurance to power workouts, so should your cardio workouts. To improve all aspects of cardiovascular health, you need to work out in all zones. The benefits range from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to losing weight and improving your endurance. Working out at different heart rate zones will develop varying aspects of your cardiovascular fitness. These zones are usually based on percentages of your maximum heart rate, which can be determined by testing or calculated through various formulas.
1. Fat Burning or Recovery Zone — 60 to 70 percent. Training within this zone develops basic endurance, aerobic capacity and helps recovery. The Fat Burning or Recovery Zone is the foundation on which all other cardiovascular performance is based. Build a solid foundation and everything on top of that will be even stronger!
2. The Aerobic Zone — 70 to 80 percent. Training in this zone will improve your cardiovascular system and aerobic fitness. Working out in this zone will also increase your ability to work out longer and at a higher intensity, as well as burn more calories and fat!
3. The Anaerobic Zone — 80 to 90 percent. Training in this zone will improve your maximum performance ability by making your lactic acid system more efficient. This will delay the onset of fatigue at higher intensity work loads. This zone will also lead toward increased caloric expenditure and fat-burning for hours after you’re done with your workout!
4. Maximum Effort Zone — 90 to 100 percent. Training in this zone is only meant for the very fit and experienced. This zone will develop your speed and ability to perform maximal efforts.


Here is to the perfect ZONE!




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