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People stick with slow cardio because they're told it's the 'fat-burning zone'. However, while cardio burns more fat as a percentage of total calories burned, it burns far fewer calories than more intense exercise, meaning you burn less fat overall. Unlike other forms of exercise, which keep burning calories after your workout, inefficient cardio sessions stop burning away at fat as soon as you step off the machine.

So let me set up an example for you: You go for a 30-minute stroll, the calories you burn while you are walking are pretty much it. Don’t get me wrong, a moderate walk is great exercise but not if you are trying to get the most bang for your buck!

So you are asking what is the solution? Here you go, this is my absolute favorite way to train!

Do a mix of strength training and interval cardio for efficient burning during your workout and after.
When you do metabolic resistance training, (supersets and circuits of intense, total-body exercises) with incomplete recovery you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. In workouts such as these, you move to the next exercise while you're still somewhat breathless from the previous one, mixing cardio work into a strength workout that builds muscle -- muscle that feeds on calories and fat so even after the workout ends you are burning calories, remember my post on “PUMP UP THE IRON”?

For a similar effect on a cardio machine, alternate short bursts of intense cardio effort with slower intervals of recovery time this is known as Fartlek training. You'll burn at a higher rate during the intense periods, and will continue to burn at that rate as your body recovers -- in the same way that your heart keeps racing after a sprint.


Now on to the magic number of times to do this training a week. That depends on your experience. If you are just starting out I would suggest 45 minutes twice a week after getting clearance from your physician if you have any issues that might be of concern. If you are a little more advanced I would suggest 1 hour three times a week. Mix this training with cardio two or three times a week and it’s a home run! Get out there and give it a shot, you don’t know what you are capable of until you try!


Enjoy the burn!



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