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Yesterday I spent several hours driving. I always pick out a few podcast if I’m on the road to make the time go faster. Tim Ferriss is one person in the health field I really respect. I listen to all of his podcasts and I've read his books. This  podcast, however, really made me start thinking about how I deal with pain and, the role yoga has played in that process. Our bodies are miraculous and fight off things all of the time without us even knowing, talk about amazing! The placebo effect is so fascinating to me. It really shows that our minds are more powerful than we realize. The next time you have an ache or pain instead of reaching for a pain reliever try taking a few minutes of deep breathing and tell yourself you feel better, see how your body and mind change. Now, of course if its serious seek medical attention. I think you’ll be blown away at how much our mind is capable of! Let me know if you try this approach, I’d love to hear your results! Also, if you have some time take a listen to the podcast, there are lots of things to glean from it!



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