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A Walk In The Sun

Talk about a beautiful day, today it's 57 degrees in my small part of the world. That's right punxsutawney phil didn't see his shadow, spring is on its way and the 2nd day of February was like a blissful spring day. I took a quick 2 mile walk to enjoy the sun, here was my view.


This got my mind stirring about all of the misconceptions of what Vitamin D is, and is not. This is one of the best explanations I've ever seen, Precision Nutrition says, "Vitamin D, a fat soluble vitamin, is the only vitamin that can be obtained through the sun.Vitamin D is really a group of prohormones. Vitamin D must be metabolized to its biologically active form in the body. After it is eaten or synthesized in the skin, it enters the bloodstream for transport to the liver. There it is hydroxylated to form 25 hydroxyvitamin D. In the kidney, a second hydroxylation results in calciferol, or 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D—the most potent form." 

So what does this mean? You can absorb Vitamin D in 3 ways, your skin when absorbing sun can produce it, foods rich in Vitamin D have it and Vitamin D supplements contain a good amount. Moral of the story, put on some sunscreen and get out there and enjoy some Vitamin D! 


Happy February! 



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