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Chicken & Avocado Lettuce Wraps

Hello my friends!! I always love "cooking" in the summer, the produce choices are amazing, it's so easy to fill up a plate with vegetables. I posted this photo on my instagram recently and had several request for the recipe. I have a hard time following recipes so many times I make up things as I go, sometimes this turns out well (as below) and sometimes it goes terribly wrong (I won't post those photos...:). The fact that I make things up as I go makes it difficult to give exact measurements but I'll try to get somewhat close. If you have a nut allergy of course omit the nuts or if you are a vegetarian simply leave out the chicken. This is such a great recipe to play around with!



Here are the deets::

4 Cooked shredded chicken breast

2 avocados (read below)

1/4 C. Crushed pecans

1/2 C. Diced celery

1/4 C. Diced cucumber

1/2 C. Sliced seedless grapes

1/2 of a diced jalapeno

Juice of 1/2 of a lemon or lime

Lettuce leaf


Take one avocado and smash it as if you were making guacamole, use it in place of mayonnaise. Dice the other avocado and place it in the above ingredients last and, carefully mix everything together. Add salt and/or pepper to your liking. Place all ingredients on a butter or endive lettuce leaf (pre washed of course), wrap and enjoy! The left overs are wonderful as well, place what you have left (if there is anything left!) in a container and cover with plastic wrap to keep air from turning the avocados brown. It stays good for a couple of days! 


I hope you are enjoying summer thus far!


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