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Simple Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer


Hello my friends! It seems as though summer has settled in without much relief in site. I want to share a few simple ways to prevent dehydration as the temperatures rise. Sports drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners (as well as dyes) so, try to stay away from them. Let’s begin with thirst quenching, super hydrating beverages, perfect for summer.  We all know that water is best for these hot days but sometimes it becomes a bit monotonous so lets make it a little more fun! 

1- Water with a squeeze of lemon and a sprig of mint

2- Water with a squeeze of lime 

3- Water with a squeeze of lime and cucumber 

4- Water with a squeeze of orange 

5- Iced tea with a squeeze of lemon, sprig of mint and minced ginger

By adding citrus (orange, lemon or limes) to our water it helps boost our electrolytes without the artificial sugars found in sports drinks. You can store these in the fridge for around 24 hours without them becoming rancid. 

Foods can also help with hydration, and lucky for us many are at their best this time of the year!

1- Watermelon

2- Cucumbers

3- Oranges

4- Iceberg Lettuce

5- Celery

6- Radishes

7- Tomatoes

8- Strawberries

9- Grapefruit

10- Carrots

Stay cool and hydrated my friends while enjoying these yummy things! 



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