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Healthy Hacks Part D’eux~

1::Always eat breakfast within an hour of waking up~ this helps get your metabolism going for the day. 

2::Find a workout buddy or personal trainer to keep you on track~ there is strength in numbers! As a trainer I also find my workouts are better when I have a buddy. So, bring your friends along and hold each other accountable! Here is a photo of one of my favorite workout buddies and I doing a little acro yoga earlier this year. 

3::Always have a healthy snack with you just in case~ my favorites are almonds and a banana (just make sure the banana doesn’t get lost in the bottom of your bag…not that I’ve ever had that happen but I’ve heard it makes quite a mess! ;-)

4::Eat slowly~ Take time to chew and enjoy your food! Your stomach is a long ways from your brain, give them a chance to talk so you don’t hit that miserable overstuffed feeling. 

5::If you are eating out try to find the healthiest thing you can~ don’t skip a meal because you are “dieting” and don’t go hog wild thinking you’ll get back on track tomorrow. Everything in moderation! Ask for dressing on the side if you get a salad, take off the top slice of bread if you get a sandwich and follow healthy hack #4!


I hope you enjoyed this second round of healthy hacks! Here is the link for round 1 if you haven't read it yet.

Enjoy the day, good food and friends!




As always I welcome any questions,  feel free to leave them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find me on  facebooktwitterinstagram and pintrest. Take a look for daily tips and motivation!

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