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Hello 2017!

Hello friends! I hope the first days of January have treated you well. I wanted to check in and give you some encouragement to meet your goals this year. January is always a time to reflect on our exercise, eating and overall health. But, this time lets keep it going all year though. It doesn't have to be a short term process, make it a lifestyle. As you know it is hard to maintain giant changes so lets make (and keep) some small changes. These small changes add up and help to boost us to bigger changes. So, without ado these are the top 4 changes to get you on track (and keep you there!) for 2017.

1. Drink more water- This seems simple but, if you track your water intake you might be surprised at the lack of water you are drinking. Try to get 8-10 glasses or 64-80 ounces a day. Keep a log or use myfitnesspal to keep yourself in check. 

2. Get at least 30 minutes of walking/exercise 3 times a week- This will make you feel better, I promise! I know its cold out right now but grab a friend, find a space or hop on a treadmill. This time of year can be a bit gloomy, movement helps boost our mood. If you have already been doing this up it to 4 times a week or 45 minutes 3 times a week. Keep pushing yourself or if you struggle with that get a trainer or an accountability partner! 

3. Eat your fruit and vegetables- Fresh or frozen, just add more! Load at least one vegetable onto your plate per meal but try for two or three. Eat fruit for snacks instead of your normal snack. Bananas and apples are perfect to stick in your bag (just don't forget it's in there...yuck;) for a quick snack during your day.

4. Get enough sleep- We all require different amounts of sleep however, we need at least 6.5-8 hours per night. Our body uses sleep to heal, restore and reset. Without sleep we are not operating at 100%. Which means, our body is not processing nutrients as well as it should, our mind is not working to its full potential and many times we feel as if we are in a fog. Here are a few tips to get that slept like a baby sleep. Create a normal bedtime and stick to it, don't drink caffeine after 1pm, create a comfortable and quiet bedroom. 

I hope these 4 steps help 2017 be your best year yet, just keep repeating, "I can & I will"! 



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