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Core Matters: Part 3

Hello! I’m so excited that you are joining me for the third installment of Core Matters. Hopefully, you have been planking everywhere you go and telling everyone you know how amazing it is! We are going to add three new exercises to our plank rotation.  

The first of which is Locust.  Locust is a great exercise for the entire back! As you exhale begin lifting with the shoulders letting the neck follow, lifting the chest and legs from the ground.  If this feels to intense for your back just lift the shoulders and head to begin with and work up to lifting the legs. This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles of the spine, glutes, and backs of the legs. It also stretches the shoulders, chest, belly, and thighs. Added bonus, this exercise also helps to improve your posture!

Bridge is our next exercise.  Bridge works the low back, glutes and hamstrings. There are many variations but simply holding it for 30 seconds is a great start. Bridge also stretches the chest and spine and can reduce backaches and headaches.

Our final exercise is Crescent Lunge.  Holding this pose creates strength by working the quadriceps and gluteus muscles as well as a wonderful stretch through the psoas, hips, chest and shoulders. This pose improves balance, concentration and core awareness. If you are just beginning hold on to a chair during your crescent lunge and keep a narrower stance to begin with.  

These exercises cover all areas of the core and are gentle enough for nearly everyone to do. Try incorporating them into your weekly routine doing 3 to 4 sets a few times a week.

I hope you are beginning to feel stronger with every exercise as well as in your daily activities! Be sure to share your core stories with me, I’d love to hear them!!