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Factors that Affect the Energy in Our Food

Welcome back! This week we are moving on to the energy in our food and what factors affect that energy.

  1. Soil & growing conditions~ where your food comes from does matter!
  2. Ripeness at the time of harvest~ energy counts are different depending on the ripeness of the fruit or vegetable you are eating.
  3. Animals’ diet- what the animal ate translates to what you are eating, think about it…
  4. Length of storage~ nutrients in food dwindles as it ages try to get the freshest food possible. 

 Just a few nuggets to take with you next time you are picking out food. I hope you find one bit of wisdom to help you on your healthy eating journey, and as always I love to hear from you. Feel free to post a comment or contact me.

Here is to good food my friends!