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It’s National Nutrition Month

Hello my friends! It is hard to believe but March is here. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics declared March, National Nutrition Month in 1980. They focus on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. We all know that we are what we eat, sometimes that’s good and other times not so good. To help kick off NNM I thought I would share some tips on sneaking in more healthy food and getting more exercise. 

1:: My biggest tip is meal prepping! Preparing ahead helps you make good choices instead of feeling ravished and eating the first thing you see which, probably won’t be broccoli! haha 

2:: Planning ahead not only goes for meals but, also for snacks. Keep things like fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts with you in the correct serving size so you don’t have to over think it. 

3:: Focus on eating more fruits and vegetables. If this means buying precut and ready to eat, do it! This will save time making it easier for you to eat healthy food and reduce the amount produce you end up throwing away because you didn’t get time to prepare it. 

4:: Take the stairs when possible! Getting your heart rate up even if its just for a few moments is better than not at all.

5:: Park as far away as you can to get in more steps. My favorite way to get more activity is to toss the ball with my dog.  Every step counts!

6:: Be accountable, if that means finding a buddy to keep you accountable or keeping a food diary, do it. This makes a tremendous difference! There is something about seeing what you eat and how much you move that makes you want to do better!

Finally, my 7th tip. Well, this is technically more of a challenge than a tip, I hope you are up for it!

7:: Cut out sugar for the month. Yes, I know March has 31 days. Could I have possibly picked a longer month? This is a hard one for me, I love all sweets and anyone that knows me well knows that Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups are my weakness. I will however, be joining those of you who are giving up sweets for the month! This doesn’t mean that you can’t eat fruit or a sweet potato! This means, no processed sweets, no added sugar in your coffee or tea, no soda and for me no Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups for the next 31 days. If I can do it, I know you can too! I hope you join me in kicking sugar, at least for the month.  

These tips will help you slip into good eating habits that will hopefully last longer than a month! By eating healthier and moving more you will notice increased energy and hopefully you will feel better. 

So, who’s with me?! 

I’ll be posting some delicious recipes and snack ideas throughout the month so be sure to check back often! If you are joining me in cutting out sugar for month let me know, I’d love to help cheer you on! You can also check out my Facebook and Pinterest pages to get some healthy meal ideas. 

Here’s to a healthy March!