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My 3 Go To Exercises Part 3: Kettlebell Swings

Hello my friends! Last but definitely not least in our 3 part series of “My Go to Exercises” is kettlebell swings! I love the variety that the kettlebell brings to workouts. 

Swings are great cardio but they also work the legs, glutes and abs.  As I stated in the video if you haven’t used a kettlebell before start with a low weight such as 10 lbs. and work your way up. Get used to the motion before you add more weight. You shouldn’t have a sore back after doing swings so keep this in mind as you asses the correct weight.  I would recommend that you add a few more reps than adding weight if you are new to using the kettlebell. Remember, its one of the very few exercises that you want momentum in! The power comes from your hips not your arms. I’m very excited to hear how much you love kettlebell swings so please share!