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Steps to Avoid Injury: Part 2

Strengthen weak muscles: 

If cycling and/or running is your primary form of cardio, then there’s no doubt your quadriceps are as strong as a horse. But what about your arms? When certain muscles are strong and others are weak, it causes muscular imbalances that can cause problems with your posture and put strain on parts of your body, leading to injury. During your two or three strength-training sessions each week, focus on toning the parts of your body that don’t get as much attention during your cardio workouts. Before you workout really think about the muscles you have from your head down to your feet. Now, make sure you are working each and every one at least two non-consecutive days a week.

A good example of a common imbalance is working the biceps but forgetting their counterpart, the triceps. If you have trouble remembering what you have worked just start with the shoulders and work your way through each muscle group. I promise you will be glad you did! Injuries are a big set back and the older we get the longer recovery takes so put in the extra effort and avoid injuries!

Here’s to a strong workout!

Here is to balance, strength and toned arms!